RAZEND...what's in a name? (Razend is Dutch for Furious) But it`s no surprise that this band sounds furious as hell as Razend`s line up contains the crème de la crème of the Dutch metalscene. And surprise, vocals are done by Corinne van den Brand , known for being one of the first female grunters in the world. 


Simply Rotten Death Metal. Old school death metal in the Swedish HM2 style.

By combining Death Metal with slow Doom riffs and beautiful melodies played by violin, Endymæria has created her own unique style of music. The band from the east of the Netherlands is a force to be reckoned with. Their  love for music and their enthusiasm and energy clearly shows on stage, or as the dutch metal blog Metalfan.nl concluded: “This band knows how to create excitement and a great amount of dynamics by letting stylistically different passages flow into one another. The songs are a combination of catchy melodies and bombastic aggressive pieces, and with these seemingly conflicting elements they create a satisfying climax.”

Seven Waters are an upcoming band who just released the second EP called “Hunter’s Prey” (June 2015). Four brand new songs of melodic, female fronted metal with a dark atmosphere. For the title song they made an epic video clip.

The new DEAD END is born and with the recordings now done for their brand new album “REBORN FROM THE ANCIENT GRAVE” due to appear in the summer of 2016, released by VIC records and DOC holliday MP they are convinced Dead End will regain their spot in the dutch death metal top!

Bloodphemy, a band from Amersfoort (the Netherlands) which utilises a variety of implementations of the sound of death metal nowadays.

Apart from brutal & catchy riffs, the incorporation of melody and industrial vibes create a refreshing perspective of the genre.


If you want something you will have to work for it. That’s exactly what Grown Cold is doing since the very start. Setting up DIY shows and tours both domestic and abroad, giving a 110% during every show, big or small, having fun doing it all. The metalcore formation with a hardcore vibe released two EP’s in respectively 2012 and 2013. Equally hard as melodic and not shy of the occasional blast beat, Grown Cold played well over 250 shows including European tours and weekenders and shared the stage with Sick of it All, The Acacia Strain, Pro-Pain, The Misfits, No Turning Back, First Blood, Born From Pain and Hatebreed.

The three members of this band are all originally from a specific eastern part in the Netherlands, “as east as you can go” as some people refer to it. This part of the country called: “The corner” is known for its agriculture and simple way of living. It was in this setting that these musicians came to know rock-’n-roll, blues, hardrock and heavy metal and picked up there instruments at young age.

The Dutch melodic thrash outfit Disquiet was restablished in Utrecht 2008. The three track promo ‘Hate Incarnate’ (2008) indicates this fresh start: ‘Ten minutes of this intense music is never enough. The great sound and heavy production makes us hungry for more’. (Metalfan)